Classes to Learn About Your Device

Struggling to Figure Out How to Use Your New Phone or iPad?

We offer one-on-one 30 minute or 60 minute long appointments for those who need some help figuring out how to get around their devices.

Confused About How to Utilize All This New Technology?

We know new technology can be complex and confusing these days. We are here to teach you how to best use everything on your phone or tablet.

It's All About What You Want to Learn

Whether you want to go over a general, broad overview of how to use your phone or iPad, or you have a list of specific questions, we can help you out.  We customize each appointment so you’re able to get exactly what you’re looking for out of your device.


Our instructors have been working with these things since they were in Kindergarten and can answer absolutely any type of question you may have.

Notes Provided

If requested, we can provide you with a booklet of notes summarizing everything we went over in our appointment. This allows you to look back over anything we covered after you leave.


All appointments are individually and personally tailored to your wants and needs.

Get Started Today!

Call us today to book your appointment and discuss what you’re looking to learn!

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