How to Identify Your Device

Find Out What Device You Have Quickly and Easily.

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These days it seems like there’s a new phone coming out every couple of weeks. The reason we ask for your specific device is that although the names may sound similar there’s little to no cross compatibility with internal parts and we’ll need to know exactly what device you have to give you an accurate quote.

Let's Figure Out What Device You Have!

If at any point you’re feeling stumped and can’t figure out what phone you have, you’re more than welcome to walk into our store anytime and our techs will identify it for you free of charge.


Useful Information and photos of each phone model from the Apple Website can be found HERE

Method 1

Settings > General > About

If your phone still retains some functionality (be careful not to cut your finders!) click on your settings Icon: iphone settings icon

Once settings is open, tap General

Then select About

iphone model number locaton

Your iPhone / iPad can now be identified by its model name. This can be used to look at our price list, or you can give us a call and let us know you have a X model and Y is broken and we’ll provide you with an estimate.

Method 2

Engraved Model Number

Get your reading glasses ready! Most Apple products have a model number engraved into the back of them. The text is very small, so if you’re unable to read it, please feel free to bring it in and we will identify your model for you.

iphone back model number locaton


Method 1

Settings > About

Locate and open your settings Icon: Android Settings Icon

You can find the settings icon on your phone’s home screen or by swiping down from the very top of your screen.

This will open the quick access drop down menu. Once open, pull down on this menu once more to reveal the settings icon at the bottom right.

Settings location found in pull down navigation

Once settings is open, select “About” or in some cases this is labeled “About Phone” or similar.

Once you’ve opened the About Phone selection scroll down to find your model. Clicking this will open a new menu level containing more information on your device.

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