Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs

Do It Once, Do it Right.
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No matter what’s happened to your device, we can fix it.

Our Goal is Simplification

We understand that technology can be a little overwhelming these days. Our goal is simplification. We’ll break down your options so you can make the right decision the first time.

So, How Can We Help?

Broken & Cracked Screens

Smashed Screen? This is our bread and butter. Feel free to watch as we replace your screen in minutes. From run-ins with excavators to 100-foot drops, we have seen it all. Phones are more durable than you’d think! Let us check it out before you trash it!

Battery &
Charging Issues

Cell phone batteries need to be replaced every 1.5-2 years for optimum functionality. We carry the vast majority of phone batteries in our inventory. Charging ports wear out over time and are something we replace every single day. If your device isn’t showing a charging logo when plugged in, let us fix it for you!


Wet phones are something we deal with frequently being across from a college! Don't panic! bring us the phone and we can take steps to prevent further damage and address the situation! Time is of the essence so come see us as soon as possible.


Home button or power button no longer working? We keep most of these parts in stock and can get your device back in working order before you know it!

Speakers & Earpiece Replacement

Having a hard time hearing people when on a call? Phone speakers often get filled with earwax and are extremely susceptible to humidity. Come see us to get your speakers replaced and start blasting your favorite YouTube videos again.


We are a level 3 capability shop which means we're experts at recovering data on phones other people say can not be retrieved. We offer free evaluations on any data recovery project.

Charging Port

Does your phone or tablet not feel like a steady connection is being made while charging? Bending your charging cable to get it to work? It's normal; they wear out over time and can be replaced. We've got you covered.

And so Much

If it's an electronic device and something isn't working, we can fix just about anything. If you have any questions or don't see your device listed, please give us a call!

Let's Fix Your Phone!

Book your appointment or give us a call to get started.

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